Storing Your Skis and Snowboards for the Summer

Storing Your Skis and Snowboards for the Summer

Well, it’s a that time a year again, when it is time to hang up the equipment, put away the gear and store your skis and snowboards. Many people often ask, what is the best way to store my alpine skis or snowboards. While there is some controversy on the value of summer storage wax on modern bases, I am a big believer in the benefits. There are 3 primary benefits to putting storage wax on your ski’s. Protection from drying, protection from damage, and protection from rust.

First the controversial one, that it prevents the bases from drying out. While some believe that a good waxing in the fall when they come out of storage will alleviate any base drying, I do believe storage wax keeps the bases wet and makes it much easier to get your bases in condition next season, especially if you do not plan on a stone grinding in the Fall.

Second is protection from damage. No matter how well you strap your ski’s or how well you tuck your snowboard out of the way, it always seems like you end up with little scratches all over the bases that did not come from the hill. Adding a thick layer of storage wax will make sure you do not pick up anymore of these scratches in the summer. This is also the reason that many competitive athletes use a thick layer of wax to travel from race to race.

Finally protection from rust. The edges on your skis and snowboards are susceptible to rust. Preventing them from rusting over the summer will make it easy to bring the edge back and get it ready to carve some terms next winter.

Putting storage wax on is a simple 3 step process. Clean the bases, select a wax, and apply the wax. Cleaning the bases is not critical, but after a season of skiing on dirty snow, this is a good time to clean them off. If you are a racer, getting the base drying High Floural race wax out of the base is a good idea. There are many commercially available base cleaners out there, but i prefer multiple waxing and hot scrapings with a soft wax like Swix Base Prep 99 (BP99).

Selecting the right wax for storage is not rocket science. Any wax will do, but a softer cheaper wax is ideal. Soft as it will melt quickly and spread easily with a low iron temp and cheap because you will just strip it off in the Fall. Again I use the Swix BP99 here, but often I just use whatever is left in my box and cheap.

So, prepare those ski’s for storage and see you in the fall at the tent sale.

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